The FINAL of the TRILOGY in our ecosystem has arrived. GOLD SONIC is the most epic character in the Sonic games and many of us needed to use a cheat code in order to get him. But now, he's OURS.

Launching on ERC-20, Gold Sonic is looking to be the BIGGEST and BEST, which is why there will be higher liquidity for this launch. Remember, $TAILS hit $24M and $KNUCKLES hit $1.6M, both with only 2 ETH liquidity. This time, there will be 6 ETH!

$TAILS ecosystem to the moon!



Q3 2021

  • Website Launch
  • Successful Fair Launch
  • DEX Listings
  • Fast Track CG and CMC Listings

Q3 2021

  • Influencer Partnerships
  • CEX Listings
  • Whitepaper Released
  • Smart ContractAudit

Q4 2021

  • Team Expansion
  • Legal Entity Formation
  • Online Market Expansion

it's all been leading up to this

it's gold sonic!